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Shikha Syrup


Uterine tonics are Women’s herbs for female reproductive health. They are often use to prepare women for an easier childbirth by toning the muscles of the uterus. They can also be used to address menstrual problems.

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Women are the backbone of a country’s growth as their contribution matters the most in a developing country like India, that’s why their health matters the most not just for the development but their own self with growing age the complications or the changes start appearing in a female body and the biological changes that happen during pregnancy change the thought process as well and the process of childbirth should be smooth that’s what every woman pray for, and that’s where the best uterine tonic Shikha (Uterine) syrup comes into play but why there is a need of female uterine tonic and what so special about consuming that. Here are the following reasons to use Shikha (Uterine) syrup.



  • Uterine restorative tonic protects a female’s body from any uterus related infection.
  • As Shikha (Uterine) syrup is an ayurvedic uterine tonic, there would be no chances of getting any side effects, plus the problem related to the uterus would get cured.
  • This uterine tonic would help in preventing irregular menstrual cycles as well.


If we talk about this herbal uterine tonic more, then this would be the top-notch player in preventing or curing the problem of “Leucorrhoea”, a medical condition experienced by females during the time of puberty in this a white, yellowish fluid discharges from the vagina if the discharge is thin and whitish then there is no need to worry, but if it is thick, yellowish and foul-smelling then it is a concern which is needed to be cured as soon as possible but if the proper doses of this herbal uterine syrup are taken then the problem of Leucorrhoea or irregular menses would get cured. Due to the usage of ayurvedic herbs, this herbal uterine syrup proves to be a medicine that is free from harmful chemicals used in making female uterine tonics available in various pharmaceutical shops. You can go through the natural herbs that we used to make Shikha (Uterine) syrup; we have labelled each ingredient with the proper quantity on the back of the label.


What’s the worry order it online as we deliver this uterine syrup pan India with the leverage of the Cash on delivery option, and if you want to make a cashless payment, we accept it through the mentioned portals.


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