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Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

All New Women’s Range of Hair Care Gentle Products

An exclusively curated range of hair care products

In our quest to support your wellness and health journey, we bring you the very best of Ayurvedic knowledge infused in our unique Hair Care range.

Our Pharmacists and Ayurveda experts have curated an exclusive range of hair care products that contain the rare concoction of red onion extract along with plant extracts. Research shows that onion Red consists of a fair amount of Manganese, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C – properties that strengthen your hair from the roots while nourishing and improving its texture.

Let your hair shine

Our hair care products contain onion Red that packs up a whole bunch of hair benefits. One of the best qualities of the ancient Ayurveda recipes is that those recipes heal and treat symptoms from the roots. This is why we use Ayurvedic Concoctions in our hair care range. Read on to find out why we use onion red extracts in our hair care products

Hair Growth

Onion red oil, shampoo and conditioner will help maintain the pH level of the scalp. This improves circulation and stimulates hair growth.


Controls Dandruff

Onion red has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help treat infections of the scalp and prevent dandruff.



We recommend regular massage with onion red oil to nourish the scalp while also using the onion red shampoo for cleaning and conditioning to get rid of frizzy hair.

Delays Greying

Research has proven that onion red contains vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants that delay greying and help maintain pH level in the hair.

Why Onion Red Oil ?

There are three types of onions – red, brown, and white. Evidence suggests that red onions have been extremely efficient in treating hair loss. Compared to brown and white onions.

The onion red is richer in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B6, potassium and numerous other compounds – properties that are associated with stronger hair roots, and hair growth.

When used in the form of an oil, this amazing elixir oozes strong anti-inflammatory features along with serving as fungicidal, antioxidant, and antibacterial treatment for your scalp and hair.

When your hair will wave a ‘hello’

Our range of hair care products made from onion red extracts, when used regularly, have the power to completely transform your hair. The products can improve texture, make your hair feel lighter, and look healthier. Your hair will look so beautiful; their wavy texture will make anyone swoon

Plastic Comb vs Neem Wooden Comb, Is There Really A Difference ?


We spend so much time, money and energy trying to use the right products for our hair – be it a shampoo, conditioner or treatment.

But have you stopped to think your comb is as important to your hair health? Remember that time when your brushed your teeth too hard with a harsh brush and your gums bled? Same thing. You need to have the right comb that can not only just comb through, but really help your scalp and hair health.

Many people use plastic combs, but are they really good for you?

Let’s start with the basics.

1.Plastic combs cause static and makes hair fizz and tangle. But wooden combs are made with carbon same as your scalp and hair. So there is absolutely no friction and static caused by it, instead it helps smooth your hair.

2. Plastics are toxic. We may not realize it but over time plastics release toxins in to your scalp. Wooden combs on the other hand does the exact poolside – it releases natural oils that can nourish your scalp.

3. Neem wooden combs do a much better job at distributing your scalps natural oils and prevents grease build-up in the root. This mean you can get shinier, healthier hair. Plastic combs on the other hand cant do this properly because the hair oil sticks to it instead of getting distributed.

4. Hair growth problems? Neem wooden combs can help by stimulating the hair follicles to give you think, long hair.

5. Plastic combs can irritate the scalp. Remember the toxins we spoke about? That coupled with sharp ended bristles can irritate your scalp.

But Neem wooden combs are gentler and wont hurt your scalp. This really helps prevent dandruff too.

And finally let’s not forget that plastic combs are mass produced and are made with fossil fuels.

We know most plastics don’t get recycled and combs probably fall into the list because they are too small for recycling machines. You probably already have a plastic comb, but dorft throw it away because that would be wasteful, but next time you have to replace it, consider a Neem wooden comb. ‘Thy The Detangler, our sustainably sourced pure Neem wood comb.

It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Best part is that it stimulates your follicles to increase circulation, nourish roots and promote healthy hair growth.

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