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Dhatu Paushtik Churan


Dhatu paushtik Churna is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Dhat Syndrome, Sexual Vitality.

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Men’s libido or sex drive matters the most for the men to maintain a healthy relationship with the partner, and when the libido is not optimum, then it will dent the relationship as well and causes embarrassment to the men. In this hectic lifestyle, most of the men are hit negatively as various work pressure reduce the blood flow towards manhood, and that would cause many disorders such as erectile dysfunction, lower sperm count, reduction in quality of semen, etc. Those men who are suffering from these problems and wanted to get rid of them by energizing the power and strength which is already inside but just because of some issues the right harnessing isn’t done yet can have our Dhatupostik Churan to remove such problems so that the sex drive can get improve. The relationship would become smooth in all dimensions. Below are some of the additional benefits that this churan or powder can provide you; besides giving vitality and strength, you can get all these benefits just by buying this naturally made Dhatupostik Churan.

Benefits of Herbal Dhatu Paushtik Churan:

  • This vitality herbal Dhatupostik powder helps in increasing sperm counts and improves semen quality.
  • This churan proves to be a beneficial remedy for providing relief in urogenital problems as well.
  • Dhatupostik churan helps remove impotency and seminal disorders helping in curing neurological disorders.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a cause of embarrassment for men, and this herbal blend can save you from this embarrassment.
  • This Dhatupostik churan can remove low sexual vitality in men to maintain sexual drive among them.
  • During intercourse, premature ejaculation can lead to embarrassment, and Dhatupostik churan can help in preventing that embarrassment.
  • !00% natural ingredients are utilized in the making of this Dhatupostik churan so that there would be no side effects.

You can order this Vitality and strength giver Dhatupostik churan from the comfort of your home by purchasing it online clicking on the buy now icon shown above. We will deliver our products pan India with the cash-on-delivery facility. We accept cashless online payments as well; you can pay through any of your valid credit and debit card.


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